Essentials of Website Design

While creating a website we should always keep in mind that we need to make website simple but attractive because people always tends get attracted to well organized, beautiful, helpful and informative websites. When we create websites it necessary to build for long term purposes as it the integral part of business. This helps company to portrait their products and services.

Creative Design

Creative designs in a website can bring success line easily. Because in online business the customers are not seeing the dealers directly. But they consider the quality of the website for choosing the website before they buy or submit a inquiry form. So the website pages and its designs should be arranged in a impressive manner. If the website fails to generate some interactions from the visitor’s, it will loose the points achievable from good navigational features.


For having a successful website you need to have clear navigation because most of the visitors in the website will be looking for the information about your product and services. So we have to make sure that the visitor easily finds out what he is looking for or will look out for other alternatives. This means loss of potential clients.

Interactive web designing

A simple design with user friendliness can keep the users reading its content and spend few minutes and visit few inner pages of the website. If the layout of the website is good and impressive, the user will surely spend some time or involve in few interactions possible with the website. Interaction chances and possibilities of a website will always gain good search engine ranking, authority, re visits, return visits, sharing, bookmarking etc.
Informative stuffs
Keep your website and its pages rich with content. Always use fresh and unique content in order to attract search engine robots and users together. Publish informative stuffs, tips, facts, impressive ideas and guidelines. So that the website can generate more authority, trust and relationship based reputations. Read more about website design
SEO Friendliness
Develop website and its pages in an SEO friendly manner. Use proper and unique title tags for each pages constructed with most suitable keywords. Produce good page description and publish it with meta description tag. Always use latest features to reduce number file transfer requests, image optimization, anchor tags, header tags etc. By designing your website in a SEO friendly manner, there is always chance of business queries and natural organic visits through search engines.

Optimized Images for Better Website Traffic

Image optimization for better, search engine visibility, SEO ranking, traffic ranking, more organic visits.

Use attractive and impressive images with web pages. If we analyze website pages, 99% page conversions and navigational features are generated by usage of impressive images with website pages. By usage of suitable images a website can improve its many qualities like, its visual attraction, search engine visibility, organic web traffic possibilities etc can be improved.

One method of increasing online traffic to a website is by image optimization. According to the necessary conditions one can bring in an enormous amount of online traffic to the website by small SEO attempts. By optimizing images in our web pages, chances of getting rankings for those images are high from the image search results. Once we optimized the images in our websites then we will start receiving quality traffic from Google search images.

Keyword Placement

When on using the images in the website properly comprising of the file name and alt attribute makes the robots to recognize what our images are about and we can add up on good positioning for our keywords.

Filename: Don’t use any digits or any other characters as file name.
Alt attribute: The prime working of an alt text is to assist the web spiders with effortless indexing and crawling of relevant words, mainly since they cannot spot image content.  Read more about Image optimization

Importance of Branding

branding-imageBranding is a mode in which a product gets its unique identification. Everything always need an Identity, it will be helpful to be unique. We can also define branding as the way which makes a product stand out with its identify.

Some of the major brand names that come across our daily life are Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Intel etc. A brand gets its success story when the product can grab the attention of the people surrounded by competitors handling products of same group.

Investing in brand building initiatives has many benefits – A strong brand:

Generating an emotional attachment with customers:
A consumer only buys the products that they know and have faith in it. Powerful brands products small threats when making the purchase and the peace of mind that the product will perform as awaited.

Enlarging the company’s market value:
At present, every object that are bought or obtained is purely based on the brand value. Branding has become the powerful asset of a company.

Reduce marketing tariff: In order to generate a brand, we have to invest some money and when it’s done you can maintain it without explaining the whole story about the brand every time you market it. In the case of sounding peoples around your place go on promoting about the company whenever it’s played in the absence of words.

Construct a distinctive and transforming company drawing:  A brand getting advanced to the further side of noticeable product or the service proposed. The ideal foundation for a distinction policy is the emotional attributes.  Read more about importance of branding

Social Media Link Building

Social media is impossible to stop and increases steadily and with significant purpose. By getting engaged in social media can help to acquire many. The most important thing in obtaining good page rank for a website is through link building. Social media is just only a single component in social link building. Only after acquiring the links SEO can be improvised. Here are some of the recent strategies used by the SEO Experts.

Create Striking Content

Interesting catchy contents, pictures and necessary videos are another ways of sharing and posting to social Medias. The contents have a great role in website design and marketing. SEO and inbound marketing are extremely important for link building, so that by developing unusual contents will be worthy in mentioning by others.

Timely Posts

According to my observation, the best time for our tweets and posts to be shared are 8:30am-10am EST and 11:30am-1pm EST time slots. Hereby posts can strike the users on the east coast in the morning and west coast, east coast while 11.30am – 1 pm EST again. Always it’s good to see the time and days that work great for your audience.

Why use social media website for link building

There are many important factors connected with why use social media websites for link building. Google does not allow manual link building. Buying  paid links, building manual links, using automated mechanisms for building back links etc are against Google’s policy and term and conditions. After the algorithm change made in the Google search engine named penguin, the pointing links coming from low quality pages and websites will not contribute any benefits in search engine ranking. But same time the pointing links coming from low quality websites and pages with any authority trust and Google page rank many hurt the existing search engine ranking. Read more about Social Media Link Building