Optimized Images for Better Website Traffic

Image optimization for better, search engine visibility, SEO ranking, traffic ranking, more organic visits.

Use attractive and impressive images with web pages. If we analyze website pages, 99% page conversions and navigational features are generated by usage of impressive images with website pages. By usage of suitable images a website can improve its many qualities like, its visual attraction, search engine visibility, organic web traffic possibilities etc can be improved.

One method of increasing online traffic to a website is by image optimization. According to the necessary conditions one can bring in an enormous amount of online traffic to the website by small SEO attempts. By optimizing images in our web pages, chances of getting rankings for those images are high from the image search results. Once we optimized the images in our websites then we will start receiving quality traffic from Google search images.

Keyword Placement

When on using the images in the website properly comprising of the file name and alt attribute makes the robots to recognize what our images are about and we can add up on good positioning for our keywords.

Filename: Don’t use any digits or any other characters as file name.
Alt attribute: The prime working of an alt text is to assist the web spiders with effortless indexing and crawling of relevant words, mainly since they cannot spot image content.  Read more about Image optimization


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