Methods of Website Marketing Techniques & SEO

Website Design is the art of creating a single Web page or entire Web sites. Some of the aspects that may be included are graphics and animation creation, color selection, font selection, navigation design, content creation, HTML/XML authoring, JavaScript programming, and e-commerce development. In this section i want to share some of the website marketing techniques.
1.Generate lots of backlinks
Backlink simply means that incoming links to a website or web page.There are different methods are available for generating the backlink. By creating social profiles on websites like Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, and others we can increase the backlink. Another easy way to create backlink by adding comments in blogs.
2. Add images to the website
If you are relatively new to the web, you might not even recognize this one. Fortunately, only a very few sites still use it. An image map is a clever way to make portions of an image clickable within a browser. Rather than slicing an image into clickable pieces, an image map plots points on the image and references them to hyperlinks.
3. Quality Content
High quality content is one of the important point to developing a high traffic website. If you’re content is of a high standard your website will naturally generate related back links which not only improves your SEO but can also be a significant traffic source. Read More about Website Marketing Techniques & SEO

SEO Tips for Escaping the Panda Updates

The search engine algorithm of Google has been modernized with the newly update version of panda. Though it is a confidential one still it requests for significant clarification on SEO. In the time being the newly Panda updates has rocked the entire websites and now it’s the time to recuperate and retrieve and to be on the right track. Google is more truculent to low grade and spam sites with the current upgradation in search engine. So it is essential to go after some basic and better things.

Relevancy of content

With the current updates of Panda, Google is giving more preference to contents. Google is now looking towards the post with the relevant keywords and likeness among the pages. So it is better to add contents that are most similitude to that website page.

Social Networking

The significant activity for a SEO is Social networking. The Google gives more priority to social networking activities. Google knows the impact of Face book; Twitter and LinkedIn for it’s on site search results and later affirmed by the Google team now search results comes up with real time sharing. Read more about SEO tips for escaping the panda update

5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

According to Google, the number of visits bounced to our site is called as the bounce rate. It is studied as, on a visitor lands on our website and leaves without going to another pages. It may be of from many reasons like low quality content, website design, and many ads. If your site is showing high bounce rates, the next thing you got to do is to concentrate more on your contents, blog layout and presentations. Some of the methods to lower your sites bounce rate:-

Good Design

  • Good website design is condemnatory
  • Don’t panic of white space.
  • Produce contents which are of easy to understand.

Create unique content

Standard and rich contents will certainly stop the users going away from our site. After all they visit a website just to see some sort of content. The content should be satisfactory with both humans and the search engines.

Improve loading time

  • The main aim for a SEO is to engage the visitors to stay on our site and,
  • To reduce the loading time of your website page.
  • If it loads faster, users can view more and further pages of our site.
Bounce Rate affects Search Engine Ranking
High bounce rate of a website means more percentage of visitors are leaving the website with out navigating to other pages. Search engines calculate the data received by data centers, server logs, tool bars and browsers. Search engine assumes and consider a websites with high bounce rates as not relevant for users. For example when a user visit a website through search engine and clossing the website with out navigating to inner pages or without spending few time in website, search engine will try to demonte or degrade the websites from search results. So a website with high bounce rate will always loose its SEO ranking. Read More About Bounce Rate Reduction

SEO Tools

SEO is a method in which website need to achieve some eligibility to list out in Google, so the modifications produced for that purpose. It also provides in receiving traffic from other search engines. There are a number of SEO tools that can help our websites to be the most effective for search engine.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

This tool can arrange the contents of the webpage in a manner for a search engine to crawl exactly the way the search would access it. Moreover it reveals the links that a search engine would crawl when it enters the webpage.

Back link Builder

This tool assists you to construct large number of standard back links. Thus help us with searching for other similar websites using the same theme with specified key phrases such as:-

  • Add link
  • Add site
  • Submit URL etc.

Almost of the entire outcome would be of valuable possible back links.

A useful way in SEO optimization is making a website more qualified by adding quality ingredients such as user friendly and caching contents, impressive images, optimizing more navigational features etc. The first preference should be given to a internet user rather than search engine robots. Read more about SEO tools


Most Common SEO Mistakes-and Solutions

SEO is a method of achieving some eligibility to a website and modifications produced necessarily in order to list out in Google. SEO helps in receiving more traffic to your website from search engines. Many of the people are not at all aware of Google and other search engines and move forward by doing mistakes. Some of the usual mistakes that can happen to SEO and solutions are:-

Targeting the wrong keywords

A keyword means a word or sequences of words entered into a search engine for its associated search results. The most important factor in SEO is keyword. Only when the keyword is relevant, websites got displayed in the search engine results. If the selected keyword of yours is flop then first step in search engine optimization is unsuccessful. So we have to choose a keyword very deliberately. To have a research of your keyword based on our business, free tools like Google keyword tool etc. will provide you with the search queries. They also produce appropriate website results with less competitiveness that our site won’t rank high in the search results.  Read more about common seo mistakes and solutions

Ecommerce Website Design

E-commerce is actually electronic commerce is the buying or selling a product with the help of internet. Normal case you can purchase a product from standard shops or markets. The same way in online purchasing the soft copy of shop is actually your e-commerce website itself. So the websites are more important in the online purchasing. So you can take more effort to make e-commerce website. In this I give some basic tips for developing e-commerce website. Our content management allows you to completely control and maintain your online shop without the need of having deep computer skills or even experience.

Tips for Successful E-commerce Website

Clear Goal

First thing you have to note to create a e-commerce website is that select a proper goal for each pages. For example in your product page should contain the detailed information about the each product to convince the customer.

Keep a contact to each customer

Regular contacts with the customer will drive more selling to your product. For you can collect send a mail to each new product in your industry and specify the features.

Contact information

Please clearly specify your contact information

Simplify the checkout

Create a checkout process very simple; for example does not  ask any unnecessary information to your customer, it will make irritating feelings in customer, and its affects you’re selling. Read more about e-commerce website design

How YouTube affects Search Engine Optimization

Youtube and seoYoutube is a powerful video publishing website and it has achieved high trust worthy points connected with navigational features. Because users spend hours in youtube watching videos. Youtube is the top ranked website with page spending features and its plus points.
A published video which optimized with catching description can overtake any powerful website pages. Because each CTRs attained in youtube links brings maximum page visiting time than any other web pages.
As the best video marketing platform youtube remains the highest possible platform for web traffic creation and regular visitor’s flow.
The search engines are the everlasting resources to meet your needs. Day to day, Google makes about 500 algorithmic changes and that’s how they change their search result works time to time. Video marketing is one of the appropriate ways to get website traffic, build an online community, and eventually can sell the products or services of their company. As we know, the most welcomed video website on the internet is the YouTube which is the excellent platform for publishing videos. YouTube is the second gigantic search engines on the web apart from other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

By strict and continuous Google algorithm change, there are very less possibility attain or improve a search engine ranking for website pages. But youtube is considered as one of the best resource of marketing place by publishing marketing videos.

It is very easy to optimize and publish youtube videos which will bring tons of web traffic regularly.

Due to the high page rank and powers like page authority and trust levels, youtube videos normally try get better search engine ranking with out doing in other off page works and link building activities.

Companies can looking for more online clients and customers can depend youtube for implementing an effective video marketing strategy. A impressively customized youtube channel with attractive videos sharing more useful tips and guidelines will bring lot of visitors to a website linked in youtube channel.