Benefits of Social SEO in Your Business

Let us discuss some benefits or some advantages for doing social media optimization for your SEO activities. Social media always gain some extra marks for search engine optimization process. Many years before Google published their statement in Web master help video, in which Matt Cutts, webspam team head of Google was confirming that they count the social points or social authority achieved by a website in search engine ranking. Actually what it works in right direction is relationships as the recommendations of a website for listing it in prime positions for a keyword. The relationship and its authenticity, power etc are other back bones for the authority achieved by a website.

How social media benefits in SEO

Google algorithm counts social signals received by a website in their search engine ranking factors. In the previous form of reputation count, the recommending back links were beneficial in search engine ranking process. But now the situations explains that the back links are not directly the contributing factors but it indirectly push a website URL in listing in a better position. But the direct factor leads into the search engine ranking is the power of the link. Power in the sense, how much authentic is the back link.

Similarly social signals achieved by social media coverage of a website also indirectly push a website URL in search engine ranking. For example a website or a website page is shared in a social media profile. If somebody interact with that activity, such as like, share, comments, the website may get some sort of benefits as its page URL is discussed in a social media website. Here also the benefit can be less when it comes to search engine listing. But the social signals can be greater if the sharing or further interaction has completed by a powerful profile.

In detail, the social signal achieved by a website as an interaction or response made by a strong social media profile  with more influence will be high than a share, like or comment made by a profile with less influence, less followers and less network coverage.

How Social SEO affect your Business?

As Google counts the social signals achieved log files from social media websites as a main point contributing in search engine ranking and page ranking authorities, interactions received by social media user connected to a particular website or web page will add more benefits in search engine ranking. Read more about Benefits of Social SEO in Your Business


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