Evolution of Website Design

Developers work constantly to make their web designs better in terms of graphics, content, link and all other factors that are involved in the enhancement of the web designs. Last few years marked a tremendous change in website designing and its technologies. The evolution and change in devices used for internet utility and website browsing marked a huge developmental change in web design evolution. The personal computers give way to lap tops and low end devices like tablets, smart phones, i-pads, and other portable handy devices.
Evolution of Website Design connected with Devices
In the initial time of internet usages and websites, personal computers were only available for internet access. But later laptop computers came to market and many types of devices like tablets, smart phones, i-pads, i-phones etc were used for internet usages, email access etc.
Introduction of Responsive web designing
When the number of visitors to websites increased from low end devices, ordinary websites and classical web designing ways were not compatible. Due to the increase in number of usages from other devices with small screen resolutions, the web designing and development industry was compelled to use responsive web designing for new websites and existing websites which will automatically adjust the website according to the size of the screen of used devices.
Search Engine Friendly web designing
Website designing and development have adopted wide range of SEO friendly web designing features to enable more search engine visibility, reduce crawl errors, easily crawling and caching by search engine robots. The much notices evolution in web designing and development arena is usage of easy loading features by the utility of content delivery networks, enabling cache leverage features, Gi zip compression, usage of images with quick loading, reduction of number of file transfer requests etc with website designs.  Read more about Evolution of Website Design

Effective Marketing using twitter

Twitter is widely accepted micro blogging platform effectively used for online marketing by social media experts world wide. As a social media website, 100% achievement of Google trust in means of 10/10 Google page rank is main attraction of Twitter. Billions of tweets, re-tweets, chain interactions generated by millions of users keep twitter as a highly authorized website accepted by Google in its page rank criteria.
Let us discuss on how twitter can be effectively used for marketing.
Twitter, as a highly interactive micro blogging platform, increase quick promotion features using tweets & re tweets. By optimizing twitter profiles with appropriate description, following and unfollowing features, a profile can achieve better social authority which will improve certain qualities of a twitter profile in achieving trust, popularity, search engine visibility, page rank, social authority etc.
Power of listing
A twitter profile and its high number of tweet statutes listed in Google, increases its authority. A twitter profile followed by powerful twitter lists increases it popularity. A twitter profile with huge number of powerful followers increases its social trust.
Lots of people ask if they can use their twitter account for internet business and marketing. Many people doubt if this is actually possible, but the answer is yes. You can actually use your twitter account for internet marketing. Here’s a few great twitter marketing tips for successful internet Marketing. Here are few tips related to twitter profile building.
Be regular and Social
Try to use twitter account regularly. Tweets more impressive stuffs. Attract more followers and get more re-tweets. Participate with interactions of twitter profiles. Re tweets interesting tweets made by trusted twitter profiles. Adding favorites, replying to interesting tweets, embedding valuable tweets with blog post can increase power of twitter profiles.
Be Influential
Try to get more powerful followers by tweeting useful stuffs. Publish your twitter profile with other social media profiles, blogs and link your profile with your published articles, blog posts, guest posting etc.

Twitter Profile Building

Follow powerful twitter followers. Check the social authority of identified twitter profiles. Check the language, location, age group of twitter profiles you followed. Analyzed the google trust and page rank of twitter profiles. Always try to participate with interactions made by powerful twitter profiles.

  • Potential clients.
  • Potential joint venture partners.
  • People that will help spread my message.
  • Followers of my rivals.

Building Trust in Social Media

trustBuilding social trust of consumers or Achieving trust of social audience is the key of social media marketing. If we analyze the success stories in social media marketing, most of them are based on content strategies and right spread usages. The main investment can be valuable stuff in the mode of quality content. Production, publishing and promotion of some impressive content in the form of messages which always generate more interactions.

When theories believed to be succeed in area of new thought generation, contents in the form of messages, actionable words, drive the audience to interact and its supporting media formats makes the success. All of it is a combination of curiosity generating words and images or videos. But in final results, it comes close number of views, likes, comments, shares and other interactions and activities generated among the social media audience.

The signals achieved and passed by creation of high level interactions bring more level in social trusts.

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SEO Benefits using Twitter

twitter-optimization-tipsSEO or search engine optimization is only beneficial today if a good level of trusts can be achieved from user side as well as from search engines. The trust of a user is valued by analyzing the interactions and activities done by a user in a website. Search engines evaluates the trust achieved by a website by analyzing the social mentions and social signals pointing to a website or a page. By improving some quality level of a twitter profile a social media marketing team can utilize twitter for better social signals contributing to search engine ranking.

In this post I wish to share some tips regarding possible social signals using twitter. Twitter can be used as a best resource for social signals. Since Google calculates the social signals and trusts levels achieved by highly qualified and authoritative pages, twitter is a fertile space for getting quality social signals. Twitter has page rank of 10/10 and it has the highest feed rates. More over twitter is considered as the quickest form communication feature. So twitter is one of the best dependable social media resource for best SEO benefits as social signals. Follow these steps to get 100 % SEO benefits using twitter.

Optimize your twitter profile

There are hundreds of twitter optimization tips to share.

Try to get powerful followers

Getting twitter followers can be easy by following some twitter profiles, tweeting, interacting, participating in trend tweets etc. But getting powerful twitter followers is more not an easy task. But by getting powerful twitter users as your follower, you may get maximum outreach for your tweet messages. More web traffic and promotional possibilities, popularity etc are more possible.

Don’t try to more talkative

Only try to tweet less otherwise it may damage your followers list. Try tweet with most impressive and interactive topics which is relevant for your audience.

Avoid spam twitter profiles

Like every areas of internet, twitter also have tons of spam profiles. Following a spam profile may cause some sort of damages for your profile and influence of your twitter profile.

Try to achieve social authority

Social authority is a measuring value of power and influence of a twitter profile. By getting more followers who are always active and interactive can increase your social authority. A good level of interactions generated by your tweets and activities can bring social authority to a twitter profile.

Get more verified twitter followers

Verified twitter followers are most trusted twitter profiles with good level of social authority and many natural followers. By getting more verified followers a twitter account or a profile can get more trust and the tweets and back links re-tweeted by these trusted twitter profiles will get 100 out of hundred marks.