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Types of website Traffic

Type of website traffic are different. Improving the number of traffic or visits and its nature a website can improve its traffic ranking, page authority, seo improvements organic visits etc.

Availability of high traffic ranking of a website shows its quality and influence. But all sort of traffic are not convertible usefully to business queries and deals.

Types of Website traffic

Organic Traffic or Search engine Visits

Referral Traffic

Direct Traffic

Search engine visits or Organic traffic

Search engine visits or organic traffic generated to a website by conducting search engine optimization is one of the best traffic generation method useful for a website and its business conversion rates and deals. So organic or search engine traffic is the number of visits achieved by a website through search engines like Google, yahoo, bing etc. For getting organic visits or search engine traffic a website needed to be optimized for search engines through a process called search engine optimization or SEO.

Referral website Traffic

Referral visits or traffic is the number of visits generated to a website by referral links achieved from other websites, pages, forums etc. Referral links are the main source for generation referral traffic to a website. Visits generated by referral links achieved from social media websites, its fans pages, profiles, sharing, forum posts, comment posting, etc are referral visits.

Direct web traffic

Direct web traffic is the number of direct visits achieved by a website. Publications, meet ups, events, fairs, television ads, prints, news paper ads etc are main source for generation of Direct web traffic.