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Latest Innovations in Web DevelopmentsEmonde

Check this blog post on Latest Web Development Innovations and grab your useful info on new innovations in website & web application developments.

latest web development innovations

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Evolution of Website Design

Developers work constantly to make their web designs better in terms of graphics, content, link and all other factors that are involved in the enhancement of the web designs. Last few years marked a tremendous change in website designing and its technologies. The evolution and change in devices used for internet utility and website browsing marked a huge developmental change in web design evolution. The personal computers give way to lap tops and low end devices like tablets, smart phones, i-pads, and other portable handy devices.
Evolution of Website Design connected with Devices
In the initial time of internet usages and websites, personal computers were only available for internet access. But later laptop computers came to market and many types of devices like tablets, smart phones, i-pads, i-phones etc were used for internet usages, email access etc.
Introduction of Responsive web designing
When the number of visitors to websites increased from low end devices, ordinary websites and classical web designing ways were not compatible. Due to the increase in number of usages from other devices with small screen resolutions, the web designing and development industry was compelled to use responsive web designing for new websites and existing websites which will automatically adjust the website according to the size of the screen of used devices.
Search Engine Friendly web designing
Website designing and development have adopted wide range of SEO friendly web designing features to enable more search engine visibility, reduce crawl errors, easily crawling and caching by search engine robots. The much notices evolution in web designing and development arena is usage of easy loading features by the utility of content delivery networks, enabling cache leverage features, Gi zip compression, usage of images with quick loading, reduction of number of file transfer requests etc with website designs.  Read more about Evolution of Website Design

5 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

According to Google, the number of visits bounced to our site is called as the bounce rate. It is studied as, on a visitor lands on our website and leaves without going to another pages. It may be of from many reasons like low quality content, website design, and many ads. If your site is showing high bounce rates, the next thing you got to do is to concentrate more on your contents, blog layout and presentations. Some of the methods to lower your sites bounce rate:-

Good Design

  • Good website design is condemnatory
  • Don’t panic of white space.
  • Produce contents which are of easy to understand.

Create unique content

Standard and rich contents will certainly stop the users going away from our site. After all they visit a website just to see some sort of content. The content should be satisfactory with both humans and the search engines.

Improve loading time

  • The main aim for a SEO is to engage the visitors to stay on our site and,
  • To reduce the loading time of your website page.
  • If it loads faster, users can view more and further pages of our site.
Bounce Rate affects Search Engine Ranking
High bounce rate of a website means more percentage of visitors are leaving the website with out navigating to other pages. Search engines calculate the data received by data centers, server logs, tool bars and browsers. Search engine assumes and consider a websites with high bounce rates as not relevant for users. For example when a user visit a website through search engine and clossing the website with out navigating to inner pages or without spending few time in website, search engine will try to demonte or degrade the websites from search results. So a website with high bounce rate will always loose its SEO ranking. Read More About Bounce Rate Reduction

Ecommerce Website Design

E-commerce is actually electronic commerce is the buying or selling a product with the help of internet. Normal case you can purchase a product from standard shops or markets. The same way in online purchasing the soft copy of shop is actually your e-commerce website itself. So the websites are more important in the online purchasing. So you can take more effort to make e-commerce website. In this I give some basic tips for developing e-commerce website. Our content management allows you to completely control and maintain your online shop without the need of having deep computer skills or even experience.

Tips for Successful E-commerce Website

Clear Goal

First thing you have to note to create a e-commerce website is that select a proper goal for each pages. For example in your product page should contain the detailed information about the each product to convince the customer.

Keep a contact to each customer

Regular contacts with the customer will drive more selling to your product. For you can collect send a mail to each new product in your industry and specify the features.

Contact information

Please clearly specify your contact information

Simplify the checkout

Create a checkout process very simple; for example does not  ask any unnecessary information to your customer, it will make irritating feelings in customer, and its affects you’re selling. Read more about e-commerce website design

Website Trust Factors

certified-websiteCustomers won’t make any inquiries or buy from our website if they don’t have faith in you. Thus, by doing activities on our websites authorize customers to have firm belief in us which is of the key importance for creating more leads and produces more sales. A Web user’s spends about 3-5 seconds in a website and determines if they want to stay or leave.

The prime factor of the website is to gain trust. If a website appears less impressive content and images, then customers will definitely rejects it. All we have to see is that our website is up to date with all data and pictures of relevant information.

A professional website can strive and achieve trust from users easily. The initial appearance of the website is important, only then it is possible for us to sell. Then comes of the information details inside a site and how simple it is to use a website. So website design do has preferences in business. It is the responsibility of a business owner to make the site simple to utilize as possible. Click here t read more on Trust factors of Websites.

Essentials of Website Design

While creating a website we should always keep in mind that we need to make website simple but attractive because people always tends get attracted to well organized, beautiful, helpful and informative websites. When we create websites it necessary to build for long term purposes as it the integral part of business. This helps company to portrait their products and services.

Creative Design

Creative designs in a website can bring success line easily. Because in online business the customers are not seeing the dealers directly. But they consider the quality of the website for choosing the website before they buy or submit a inquiry form. So the website pages and its designs should be arranged in a impressive manner. If the website fails to generate some interactions from the visitor’s, it will loose the points achievable from good navigational features.


For having a successful website you need to have clear navigation because most of the visitors in the website will be looking for the information about your product and services. So we have to make sure that the visitor easily finds out what he is looking for or will look out for other alternatives. This means loss of potential clients.

Interactive web designing

A simple design with user friendliness can keep the users reading its content and spend few minutes and visit few inner pages of the website. If the layout of the website is good and impressive, the user will surely spend some time or involve in few interactions possible with the website. Interaction chances and possibilities of a website will always gain good search engine ranking, authority, re visits, return visits, sharing, bookmarking etc.
Informative stuffs
Keep your website and its pages rich with content. Always use fresh and unique content in order to attract search engine robots and users together. Publish informative stuffs, tips, facts, impressive ideas and guidelines. So that the website can generate more authority, trust and relationship based reputations. Read more about website design
SEO Friendliness
Develop website and its pages in an SEO friendly manner. Use proper and unique title tags for each pages constructed with most suitable keywords. Produce good page description and publish it with meta description tag. Always use latest features to reduce number file transfer requests, image optimization, anchor tags, header tags etc. By designing your website in a SEO friendly manner, there is always chance of business queries and natural organic visits through search engines.